About Bageshwar District and Villages

Capital of Bageshwar district, the town of Bageshwar is situated at the confluence of the rivers Saryu & Gomati and nestles under the shadow of twin hills of Bhileshwar and Nileshwar. The name comes from the temple of Bagnath, an epithet of Shiv, that overlooks the town. Once part of Almora, Bageshwar was declared a separate district in 1997 and is home to 250,000 residents.

The bazaar in Bageshwar still retains its rustic charm, and contains a number of old houses demonstrating the intricate traditional architecture and woodwork of the region. Bageshwar is the ideal place for a good bargain on hand woven carpets ('dunn') and beautiful copperware.

For those interested in folk music and dance, the area surrounding Bageshwar is well known for its talented singers and musicians. The valley of Bageshwar is extremely fertile and is renowned for its high quality rice, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables. Bordered by the districts of Pithoragarh and Chamoli, Bageshwar is centrally located and provides an access route to three important glaciers in the region - Pindari (source of the Pindar River), Sunderdhunga and Kafni.

The villages of Bageshwar district

The valley encompassing the villages of Karmi and Tani, lying at altitudes ranging from 1800-2000m, is one of the most fertile regions of the lower Himalayas. With a population of around 6000, agriculture is the primary occupation.

The village of Dhur lies at a height of about 2500 mts, surrounded by lush green meadows and an exhilarating view of the Nanda Devi and the three glaciers, viz. Pindari, Kafni and Sunderdhunga. A tiny little settlement (of about 1000 villagers) as compared to its bigger counterparts down the valley, the village has a rich and organic agrarian spread owing to a variety of support programmes that are run by both the government and NGOs. The village is under snow cover from November till March.

Sorag village takes the remoteness of Dhur a step further, lying very close to the glaciers. A small village with a population of around 800, the immensity of the Greater Himalayas can be felt here, sitting at the last of the vegetated peaks before the glaciers begin.

Difficult accessibility has turned out to be of benefit for the region as far as farming is concerned, as the traditional practices have managed to remain organic. However, the region is getting an extensive road network necessary for prepping up the infrastructure in sectors like health and education.

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