Places to stay

Aloke Homestay, Jargo

Located about 50km away from Purulia town, Aloke homestay in Jargo village promises a very pleasant stay. The well ventilated and brightly lit rooms are pefect for enjoying a good book or getting submerged in the various shades of green outside. The homestay is owned by Mr. Aloke Mahato who runs a transportation service and is also involved with lac cultivation.

Cheliama Campsite, Cheliama

A large village on Ahalyabai Road, Cheliama lays claim to the most richly decorated terracotta temple in the region. The campsite is located on a dry river bed and, like the other camp sites in the region, is set up especially during the festive season, from October to March. Tents, sleeping bags and carry mats can be provided. Guests are advised to bring mosquito repellent and toiletr

Deulghata Campsite, Deulghata

The backdrop of the temple ruins provides a very reminiscent landscape, especially during the flowering seasons, when the Flame of the Forest are in full bloom, giving the entire region a bright red tinge. The campsite at Deulghata, located on the banks of the Kansai river, is set up in during festival season, most of which falls in spring or autumn (October to March), filling up espec

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