Things to do


Wooden masks are found in huge variety, which are popular for their simple yet colourful designs. Originally made from expensive Simul wood, the masks today are made from other materials more affordable to local dancers. Terracotta handicrafts are also renowned in this region and, as well as making great souvenirs, they are actually used by locals in everyday life.

Lac Cultivation

The Lac cultivation business was started during the British rule in the 1990s. Poverty and lack of governmental initiatives gradually eradicated this high yielding production from its natural habitat, but in recent years it has been reintroduced to Purulia, benefiting an estimated 20,000 families living below the poverty line. Lac is a resinous excretion from the b


Purulia boasts an array of wildlife, flowers and birds, picturesque hills and waterfalls, rivers and streams, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts or simply those seeking to break away from a heavy work load or the monotony of city life. The natural forests of Ayodhya, Matha and the dams of Panchet, Murguma and Futiari are particularly popular, and

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